The Aputure is a professional shotgun condenser microphone, offering superior sound performance, high industrial standard components and great craftwork made for a reliable tool for audio recording. For film, documentary, interview and more, this mic offers the best quality audio for your needs.

Shock Mount, w/ Handle (included in the Location Kit )

Low-Coloration of Off-Axis Sonic Characteristics

The new has remarkably low off-axis coloration. It can get a great balance between major sound and environmental ambience. Sound from off-axis direction won’t get distortion or coloration. The can more accurately capture off-axis sound, minimizing noise reduction requirements in post.

Super Cardioid Pattern

The adopts a super cardioid polar pattern, which is extremely directional minimizing surrounding ambient noise, which is a very important characteristic for recording (dialogue) with a boom pole. Capture dialogue directly with a broadcast level quality.

Low Inherent Self-Noise

The has a very low noise floor at 12dB (A-weighted), 24dB (CCIR 268-3). Along with its good performance on Anti-radio interference, the is able to acquire more detail of your audio recording and less background noise.

All-Brass Body with Rugged Coating

Machined from solid brass through CNC metal technique inside&out, the uses a high-end capsule, top electric components, and gold coated PCB board. With its coating craftwork, ensuring the highest coherence of each microphone and capable of functioning even in a humid environment, this device is built to be a durable &reliable professional microphone you will enjoy for years to come. We have strived to make a state-of-the-art recording tool at a more affordable price.

Add-on Kit with Professional Shock Mount

To better protect your microphone, each comes with a waterproof safecase. Auto air-pressure balanced feature ensuring you have a microphone safe on-hand and ready to go. Moreover, Aputure has partnered with , a professional windshield system manufacturer, providing optional add-on kit with Shock Mount, and Aputure windscreen. Pick up the and start your professional sound recording today!

shock mount and windshield are included in the Location Kit