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    • LS C300d

      The Aputure LS C300d is the biggest and brightest light we’ve ever made. Winner of several awards (including Best Lighting Product at NAB), the LS C300d led video light is a game changing COB light, boasting extremely powerful output, an advanced cooling system, portable build, and a TLCI rating of over 96.

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    • LS-mini20d/20c

      The Aputure Light Storm LS-mini20 led video light, small yet incredibly versatile and shapeable fresnel light, it has adjustable barn doors and brightness and more.

    • LS C120d/120t

      Featuring TLCI/CRI 97, Powerful Temperature Control, Lightweight and more. The Aputure LS C120d/t is the ideal light source for photographers and filmmakers.

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    • LS 1 Studio

      The Powerful Light Storm LS 1c Studio LED video light features with 3200K to 5600K, CRI/TLCI over 95+, which designed for use indoors along with DMX control.

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    • LS 1s/1c

      The Powerful Light Storm LS 1c Studio LED video light features with 3200K to 5600K, CRI/TLCI over 95+, which designed for use indoors along with DMX control.

    • LS 1/2w

      The Aputure Light Storm LS 1/2w led light has the best performance of CRI 98, Aero-Aluminum, Unique Light Control Separation, Dual Power Solutions and more.

    • Tri-8s/8c

      The Amaran Flagship-Tri-8 light, packs 888 bulbs in 11.5 inch size, incredibly bright and most compact ever created, 2300-6800k color temperature and more.

    • AL-M9

      The Amaran AL-M9 is a pocket sized LED fill light. It is incredibly compact and lightweight with 9 SMD bulbs that are powerful in the palm of your hand.

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    • HR 672 Series

      The Amaran HR 672 led video light is the most advanced Amaran light we’ve built to date. It is lightweight, compact and durable in the same size as an iPad.

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    • AL-528 Series

      The Amaran AL-528 series undertakes revolutionary design. With CRI fully upgraded to CRI (95+), it produces a faithful natural output.

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    • AL-H198 Series

      With 198 60-degree-angle LEDs in a compact panel, AL-H198 shines with an exceptionally even and stable brightness output of up to 3,430lux.

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    • AL-H160 Series

      The Aputure Amaran AL-H160 LED video light is a lightweight, powerful on-camera light that uses CRI 95+ leds with the latest color rendering technology to create true and vibrant colors across the whole spectrum.

    • HC/HN100 Series

      The Aputure Amaran Halo LED Ring Flash light AHL-H100 uses 100 high color rendering index (CRI 95+) leds in 1 compact ring. Ideal solution for macro photography including nature, medical and scientific photography.

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    • Deity

      The Deity is a professional shotgun microphone, offering Low-Coloration of Off-Axis Sonic, Super-Cardioid Pattern, Low inherent self-noise and more in all-brass body.

    • V-Mic D2

      The V-Mic D2 is a shotgun microphone with an adjustable sensitivity that can be visually metered for use in DSLR cameras, camcorders or audio recorders.

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    • V-Mic D1

      Aputure V-Mic D1 is a directional condenser shotgun microphone featuring a super-cardioid polar pattern, superior isolation, vibrations, and low frequencies.

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    • A.Lyra

      The Aputure A.Lyra is the first broadcast grade digital microphone from Aputure. Combined with a superior digital audio converter technology that for higher quality audio and long-term use.

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    • A.lav ez

      The omni-directional A.lav lavalier microphone provides clean, bright, yet natural reproduction audio in almost any scenario. You can also monitor your sound.

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    • A.lav

      The broadcast-grade A.lav ez is a omni-directional lavalier microphone for mobile use. It can be used when recording films, podcasts, interviews and voiceovers.

    • DEC Vari-ND

      The Aputure DEC Vari-ND comes out. With ND8-2048, wide mount compability, wireless remote control&aperture and more. Bringing more creativity to your films.

    • DEC LensRegain for MFT

      The Aputure DEC LensRegain Adapter for MFT allows you to use EF lens on Micro 4/3 mount camera bodies. It gives cropped sensor cameras a full-frame-like view.

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    • DEC LensAdapter

      The Aputure DEC is a wireless remote controller that allows you to mount your EF/EF-S mount lens on your MFT mount camera and control your lens directly.

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    • VG-1

      The V-Grip USB Focus Handle is an ergonomic remote allows you to control the video start/stop button, digital zoom, aperture and adjust camera settings.

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    • UFC-1s

      The Aputure V-Control UFC-1s is a handheld USB designed to control certain Canon DSLR cameras that use Canon’s USB protocol. Switch between still and video modes with ease.

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    • Array Trans

      The Array Trans is a high definition wireless video/image transmission set, you will get umcompromised image in zero latency. It supports up to 1080p 60HZ.

    • Space Light

      The Aputure Space Light is a versatile soft ligh shaping tool. It can create a wide-spread light source that is soft, efficient, and optimally distributed.

    • Light Dome mini

      Another little brother to our revolutionary Light Dome- light dome mini. It is compact and efficient lighting soft box. It is more portable than ever before.

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    • Fresnel

      The Aputure Fresnel is the ultimate light-shaping tool offering versatility and intensity. Featuring an adjustable lens, fresnel mount magnifies the light intensity from 14000lux to 100000lux.

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    • Light Dome

      Shop for an parabolic soft box for Light Storm COB series. Double diffusers to produce very soft light and wrap around the subject. Get FREE shipping now!

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    • EZ BOX+

      Designed for the Amaran HR 672 series and AL-528 series. The EZ Box+ can perfectly fit Amaran lights for the purpose of consistency and durability. It provides exceptional soft light effects in a compact and portable package.

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    • Magic Arm a10

      The Aputure a10 is a professional 10 inches articulating magic arm, which can be easily locked to any accessories with 1/4 screw and fixed in various position.

    • Product Catelog

      Aputure products catelog includes Led video lights, microphones, field monitors, lens adapters and more. Learn about Aputure products, get the latest downloads now!