Meet our judges

Ted Sim

From the A-Team | Aputure

Aputure was founded by a team of inspired filmmakers who wanted to create high-quality content, but struggled with steep cost of equipment needed to do so. Determined to create professional-grade equipment at a reasonable price, they started Aputure: the first company to provide truly affordable camera accessories with the quality and functions needed to fully realize any creative vision. As a part of the creative community, the A-Team continues to develop for the ever-expanding needs of budding artists and professionals alike. Each member of our team has felt the burning desire to bring a creative vision to life at all costs. We're here to keep that fire alive.

Brian L. Tan "BLT"

Filmmaker | Wrapal-holic

Co-founder of Lights on Location, BLT used to live a double life; working on features such as Tron: Legacy, X-Men First Class, and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by day while creating his own content by night. Ever since he left the studio system, he's had some successes, including nationally broadcast commercials, winning Cond? Nast's top video award, being a finalist on HBO's Project Greenlight, and launching a startup, Wrapal that connects properties to filmmakers for free. On top of making movies, he is addicted to travel, diving, long walks by the beach, and talking about himself in third person on a bio he totally did not write.

Ryan Connolly

Filmmaker | Film Riot

After film school, Ryan started out with music videos and commercials for local clients. He then went on to run the video studio at Alienware. But rather than follow the typical path of other aspiring filmmakers, Connolly created Film Riot, an online show that enabled him to share how-to filmmaking tips, get feedback for his work, and build his viewership. Since then, he has built a loyal following of over half a million people and his company Triune Films continues to produce weekly online videos like Film Riot and Variant as well as short films such as TELL, LOSSES and PROXiMITY.

Corridor Digital


Co-founded by directors Sam, Niko and Jake in 2010, Corridor Digital has produced hit after hit for the digital world and have continued to wow audiences around the globe. They have singlehandedly pioneered the art of making action and visual-effects driven content go viral, and their videos have been watched more than 700 million times worldwide with an average of 15 million views per month and counting. On top of working together with top household brands on branded content, Sam & Niko also publish daily webcasts and regularly offer 'how-to' tutorial that help other filmmakers hone their craft as well

Tom Antos

Director, cinematographer and visual effects artist

He has worked on some of the biggest feature films, as well as numerous short films and music videos. In addition, he has 17 years of experience in the areas of CGI and classical animation. This work has earned him several awards, including Telly, Promax BDA and Worldfest Gold Remi. Tom’s professional experience ranges from small budget DIY projects to large Hollywood productions like “Bait” (starring Jamie Foxx) and “Everyone’s Hero” (starring Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg). Tom has been sharing his filmmaking experience and knowledge through online tutorials that have gained a large and loyal audience on YouTube. His films and tutorials have been seen over 95 million times on YouTube alone, and his YouTube channels have over 290,000 subscribers and average 2 million views per month.

Evan Bourcier

Cinematographer | The Super Secret Film Group

Evan Bourcier is an Award-Winning DP based out of Western Massachusetts, specializing in naturalistic modern cinematography. He has shot projects for clients including ESPN, Facebook, Warner Music Group, & Nathan's Hot Dogs. Evan is also dedicated to facilitating film education - whether that be curating the Super Secret Film Blog, hosting a Podcast, or being admin on a facebook group of over 2000 filmmakers from around the world.