Frequently asked Questions

Entrants must create and produce an original short film that takes place entirely in one location. In addition to the film, entrants must make a 1-2 minute BTS video walking us through their set, plus a floor plan outlining their lighting setups. Entrants must then submit these materials on the Light This Location website.
We've partnered with Wrapal to help you with this! Wrapal is like AirBnB but for film locations, and they're here to help you find a location and offer a discount exclusive to people entering the competition. Visit and use the code LIGHTTHISLOCATION at checkout for your exclusive discount.
Our judges will be scoring films based on how well they stuck to one physical location. If it is in a kitchen, it must stay in the kitchen. If it is in a garage, keep it in the garage. "Planet Earth" is not one location.

Regardless of where you choose, you will have to define your location with your submission and it should look the same throughout the entire film. Stages with multiple sets or extensive green screen work are not allowed. Brownie points will be awarded to films that can stay within the same room or at a single geographical point.
We've partnered with ShareGrid to help you with this! From June 25 - August 24 you can rent through ShareGrid and receive a 10% rebate after your entry is submitted!
Here are the rules:
-Rent through the link in order to get your rebate
-Name of the renter must match the names of the filmmaker submitting
Apart from your time, not at all.
You are still welcome to submit but this will heavily impact your score.
Walk us through your set and lighting setups. Tell us how you're lighting everything and how you're using the lights to augment your story and location.
We're excited to see how people get creative with their lighting setups! Make a top-down digram of your lights, your camera, your set, and whatever else will demonstrate to us the mechanics of your shoot!