Do you want 360 Degree transmission without obstacles?

Transmit image over hundres of meters?

Machine abl to transmit in the crowds?

If you want this

1. 80m Effective transmission ranges;
2. No obstacles in transmission;
3. Fixed shot

Array Trans can help you:

1. Zero latency transmission;
12. Uncompresses and lossless image (60GHZ milimeter tansmission technology);
3. Support up to 1080p 60Hz.

Fixed Wireless Streaming Sports Event

Array Trans can be used in multi camera events where cables are hard to setup,it can easily wireless tranform image and video only need a fixed position and 80m effective range. With sevral set of Array trans, you don't nees to warry about signal interference due to its 60GHZ milimeter transmission technology, great moments can be streamed simultaneously and reliably on a large screen.

Wireless Live Stream On Big Screen

In the situations where a big screen is needed for display image from computers and cameras, Array Trans can help a lot via wireless transorming images to avoid complex and unreliable cables buildup. Let your images fly, surely, with zero latency!

Perfectly Support Cable Cam

Mount transmitter with gyro, and receiver with cable cam, then you can start with cableway photography. The 60GHZ milimeter transmission technology let Array Trans has better image tranform performance even than that of most cameras build-in.

Real Time Transmitting in Various Shooting Environment

Less than 2W extremely low power supply make it very convenient to use Array Trans. Moreover, Array Trans can be well used regardless of the shooting environment, whether is cliff or tree. Hence you can keep obstacles away from creation. Array Trans is ready, explor more, and create more.

Easily Setup With Cam Crane

Array Trans can also benefit all TV,flim,ads and wedding shooting. Without traditional complex cable buildup, it can be easily set up and wirelessly monitor in your shooting when using caam crane.