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Standard Cinematic Quality Lighting

The Light Dome II uses industry-grade diffusion material with highly reflective coating. The high-quality fabric preserves your light's original color temperature, and the two layers of diffusion have been specially designed to produce extremely soft light. The outer layer makes your light wrap around your subject while the inner baffle adds another layer of diffusion while eliminating any unattractive cross lines that are often created by fabric-based diffusions.

32-axis round design

The 35" Light Dome II uses 16 rods which create 32 points of contact, allowing for an exceptionally round beam of light that is close to a perfect circle. Combining this with the Aputure COB Series or other compatible Bowens mount fixtures, creatives are now able to get a precise circular round light that also functions as a catch light in the eyes of your on-camera talent.


Gel Holder Support

Generation 2 of the Light Dome now includes a gel holder that is carefully placed to maximize the
capabilities of your gels while minimizing the amount of material needed from them.

Quick Setup

The new versions of the Light Domes feature a new
generation of the quick-release speed ring. You can
now easily install and disassemble the dome in less
than 1 minute. This new generation addresses the
needs of creatives who are on fast-moving sets and need
a diffusion solution that can be rapidly set up.

Universal Mount

The new Light Dome II is designed to fit with all fixtures from the Light Storm COB family. It is also compatible with
a wide variety of Bowens mount lighting systems, the most common mounts used in the world of photography.

Grid Included

The Light Dome II comes with a high-quality fabric grid which will allow
creatives to maximize control of their lighting.

*Cautions 1 When using color filters with powerful LED lights at highest output constantly, for example Aputure C300D, the heat might cause the filters to distort. So when using Barndoors with color filters, we recommend you to change color filters after two hours' usage; when using Light dome II with color filters, we suggest you to change it after 4 hours' usage. Recommended color filters: ROSCO, LEE.