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LS C120t

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  • -CRI, TLCI 97+
  • -LS C120t: 3000K
  • -Standard Industrial Mount
  • -Ultra Silent Fan, Lower to 18dB
  • -Dual Cooling Mode
  • -Unique Light-Control Separation Design
  • -Dual Power Supply
Battery Plate

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A COB for Light Storm
The Light Storm COB 120 is the first Chip-On-Board design of the Aputure Light Storm series. It features two models with two different color-temperatures: the LS C120t (3000K) and the LS C120d (6000K). With these two powerful variations of the same great light, the Aputure Light Storm is more versatile than ever.


Immaculate Lighting
The COB120 features a CRI of 97+. For an even more precise measurement, its TLCI is also rated at 97+ as well. TLCI, Television Lighting Consistency Index, is the most professional measurement of color fidelity. It reveals how well a light source renders colors for film or photography context. Topping both charts, the COB120 guarantees natural, pristine color in any application.


Specification LS C120t LS C120d
Color Temperature 3000K 6000K
TLCI ≥97 ≥96
CRI ≥97 ≥96
CQS ≥95
Operation Current 9A
Power Supply DC 15V
Radio Frequency 2.4GHz
Cooling Mode Active Cooling
Remote Frequency 2.4GHz
Channels 1/2/3
Groups A/B/C/D
Remote Range ≤100m
Size(L*W*H) Light 336.4*186.3*283.9mm
Size(L*W*H) Controller box Anton Bauer Battery 269.0*118.7*48.1mm (*vertical antennas included)
Size(L*W*H) Controller box (V-mount) 269.0*118.7*59.6mm (*vertical antennas included)
Model Distance Foot Candles LUX
LS C120t 0.5m 1032 11100
1m 232 2500
LS C120d 0.5m 1301 14000
1m 306 3300

1. Light
2. Hanging column
3. Button battery
4. AC-DC adapter
5. Controller
6. Connecting cable
7. Power cable
8. Controller box
9. Warranty card
10. Product manual

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