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LS-mini 20 flight kit

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  • -Powerful Illumination, 40000lux@0.5m
  • -Dimmer wheel, Spot & Flood wheel
  • -Adjustable Barn Doors
  • -LS-Mini20d (7500K); LS-Mini20c (3200-6500K)
  • -5-18V Power Options
  • -3-Light Kit(2*LS-mini20d+1*LS-mini20c)
Light stand

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The Aputure LS-Mini20 series is the newest addition to an already renowned Light Storm series. However, through it's groundbreaking combination of performance and portability, the LS-Mini20 is unlike anything you've ever seen before.


Specification LS-mini20d LS-mini20c
Beam Angle 20°-80° 20°-60°
Color Temperature 7500K±300K 3200-6500K
TLCI ≥97 ≥96
CRI ≥97 ≥96
Power Supply DC 5-18V
Power consumption(MAX) 30W
Current 4A
Cooling Mode Active
Size(L*W*H) Light 231*122*97mm
Battery adapter 86.5*59*37.8mm
Model Distance Foot Candles(Spot/Wide) LUX(Spot/Wide)
LS-mini20d 0.5m 3717/632 40000/6800
1m 929/167 10000/1800
LS-mini20c 0.5m 1487/250 16000/2700
1m 390/67 4200/720

NP-F970 Battery (7200mAh) *3

Battery adapter *3

5500K Filter *2

Universal cold shoe mount *3

3200K Filter *10

AC-DC adapter *3

Charger *3

Crab clamp *3

Power cable *3

USB Type-A to XLR *3

D-Tap to XLR *3

D-Tap to XLR *3

Warranty card *3

Product manual *3

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