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V Rig V2 Set

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  • -Consisting of V-Rig, V-Wheel, and V-MatteBox
  • -Giving you control over your shooting stability
  • -Focusing control

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MagicRig is a new bracket giving you balance, stability, and comfort when you need it most. Compatible with HDSLRs and camcorders, it is versatile and convenient, easy to assemble. The MagicRig is a modular system which can suit your individual requirements. It fits snugly on your shoulder, giving you more control over your video. Made of durable aluminum alloy and stainless steel, the bracket is built to last. Filmmaking will never be the same with the MagicRig in hand.


Dimension:  320 * 186 * 96 (MM)

Net Weight: 1450g

V- MatteBox

Dimension:  254 * 177 * 66.3 (MM)

Net Weight: 350g


Dimension:  186.5 * 101.5 * 94.5 (MM)

Net Weight: 450g


V Rig MR-V2

V- MatteBox


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