HOW TO: Steadicam 101

Finally! We’ve gone over gimbals, now lets take it back an era in camera stabilization: the Steadicam.READ MORE


How to Prep a Digital Camera

We all know you know how to shoot a camera, Mr. Cinematographer, DP-man. But do you know how to PREP one for somebody else?READ MORE

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The One-Stop Blogpost about Field Monitors

Deciding on new camera gear is always tough. This blog post will discuss the benefits of using a field monitor to enhance the production quality of your videos and help you decide if you need a field monitor and, if so, which product is right for you.
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Shenzhen, ChinaAugust 1, 2015 Aputure Imaging, specializing in high quality photographic and video accessories, has announced today the appointment of Inovanti, LLC as their East Coast Sales & Marketing Team.

Aputure continues gaining popularity and … READ MORE


We said before August 6th and it’s August 5th! We’re now shipping out Sony LANC Cables. Please be sure to send us an email at so you can get yours!


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LED lights are the future of Film Lighting.They're being used more and more in production, they're the preferred option for New Wave DP's, and every major motion-picture lighting company has adopted at least a single line of LED lights.
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Congratulations! You just made the investment and purchased a shiny new 3-Axis Gimbal for filming. Whether it be the Freefly MOVI or the DJI Ronin or the Came-TV 8000 or the Lettuce Helix–all of them will face a similar problem: … READ MORE
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How to Photograph Fireworks!

Happy 4th of July! In celebration of today, I’ve prepared a list of Tips and Tricks for when you go out to shoot photographs tonight. In general, when shooting fireworks,  you’ll either wind up with immensely rewarding photos or frustration READ MORE

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