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Messenger Bag

Soft-Shell Canvas Case Rubber Corner Padding for additional protection Waterproof Fabric Versatile Size: Able to hold 1x LS1s/LS1c or 2x...
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Carring Case

-Carring case -For Aputure LED Video Light AL-H160,AL-H198,AL-H198C
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Carry Bag

-Carry case -For Aputure LED Video Light AL-528,HR672 series
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Carry Bag for Light Kit

-Carry case for all Aputure light kit.3 lights kit. -Dimension:420 * 225 * 275mm -Neight weight:1520g
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Claw Clip for Wireless Remote Control DEC

-Claw Clip -For Aputure wireless remote control DEC E-mount,DEC MFT
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Extension Cable & Bracket

-Extension Cable&Bracket -Use for DEC LensRegain for MFT
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Lanc 2 Multi Adapter Cable

-With Aputure DEC for E-mount to reach the start  /  stop function of video's recording -Use for Sony a7s -Port:Multi...
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Power Cord of LS

-Power Cord -For Aputure LED Video Light light storm LS 1,LS 1/2w
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Filter for AL-582,HR672

-Orange White Filter -For Aputure LED Video Light AL-582,HR672 series
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Filter for AL-H160,AL-H198

-Filter(White,Orange) -For Aputure on-camera light AL-H160,AL-H198,AL-H198C
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-Sunhood -For Aputure monitor VS-1 FineHD,VS-2 FineHD
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Universal Hot Shoe Mount

-Universal Hot Shoe Mount -For LED Video Light H198 series,Monitor VS-1 FineHD,VS-5
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LED Connect Head

-LED connect head -For Aputure on-camera light AL-H169,AL-H198,AL-H198C
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Wireless Remote Control

-Wireless remote control -For Aputure HR672,LS,LS C120t series
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Power Adapter for AL-528

-Power adapter -For Aputure LED Video Light AL-528 Series
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